About Coriander's Light

My name is Coriander Fenton. I'm seventeen-years-old and I am in WAY over my head. All I want is to find my mother. My starting points are very limited in this search. My dad made sure of that. In fact, I don't even know what she looks like or where she's from. All I have to guide me is the brilliant blue stone necklace she left me. Because of it, I am now barreling down Lake Shore Drive with this utterly gorgeous guy that I barely know and who has the unique distinction of having just saved my life. Did I fail to mention that he has 'abilities'? Yeah, there's that. Oh, and we're also in a semi-stolen car going who-knows-where, for who-knows how long and for what? So I can possibly locate the woman that left me? My dad says that he knows that she loved me, but it's hard to feel that when I don't know why she left. Why didn't she stay with us? What happened to her that I haven't heard from her in all my life? Most of all, why can't I let it go? My dad, Grandma Jojo, my best friend Kyla, and my dog, Beans, have given me all the love that I will ever need and more, but I guess what I need now are answers. The possibility of receiving these answers are the only reason my rear is still planted in this grimy car seat. I don't even know what I'm going to find if this whole thing works out. Even so, the question remains: do I stay and see what may be waiting for me or do I bail and live with the unknown?