A Popularity Contest

It's a new day and our Alphabet blog is ready to go! Our letter of the day is 'P' and our discussion centers around peer pressure and popularity. I know what you're thinking and no, this isn't high school, but I'm certain you agree that there is pressure to read a book because it's popular. Everyone else has read it so I have to read it too. That way, I don't get left out of the discussions although it's not a book that I would normally read. We have all fallen into the trap and became prey to the popular book. For some, the experience was worth it. For others, not so much. In fact, Instagram writer @elissawrites said that she read a book for popularity's sake and that she 'came away from it thinking it's only popular because people like to inflate their ego by claiming they've read it'. Wattpad author WriterBynGold dished that 'it was the worst experience ever! I stopped doing that now and I feel liberated!' So you see, we are not alone. We've all done the popular thing. What was your experience? When it comes to reading, I hope all or your experiences are positive or at the very least, you learn a thing or two. Let me know if you feel the pressure in the comments. Until then, Happy Reading!

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