Anxiously Awaiting

Hey BookFans! It is I and I am ready to give you all what you need. Well, let me clarify. We are all anxiously awaiting something that we need or really, really want. For me, I FINALLY sent out my first ever newsletter. I'm so excited that I got it out there in the world. It's a huge step for me, as an author, to put myself out there but it is necessary to reach readers, especially during the times we're living in. I'm proud of me and what I have accomplished, but I'm also happy for you readers because you all have some great reads that you're anticipating this year. Here are some books that you await. Fantasy writer Loralee Dereksen is awaiting Brandon Sanderson's book Rhythm of War. The title alone has me hooked. Author and avid reader Brandann R. Hill-Mann will soon receive Stephen Graham Jones book The Only Good Indians. Long time reader Allison the Fangirl is eager to read Holly Black's How The King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories. Sophia Holloway hopes to soon read The Art of Violence by SJ Rozan and Author Julia Scott anticipates the next book in her own series that follows her first novel, The Mirror Souls. Obviously, this is only a few books that we're excited to get our hands on this year. What about you? What book or books do you hope to read this year? Let us know in the comments. Until next time, always be a fan like a real BookFan!

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