Are You Enjoying the View?

Hello everyone! So glad to be back this week for another round of our Alphabet blog. The letter for this week is 'V'. Our Monday Instagram story question asked which viewpoint is your favorite to read, the protagonist's view, the antagonist's view, or third person. The vast majority opted for the protagonist's view, except for YA fantasy author Margaret Beeler, who enjoys third person accounts. The differences between the views are remarkable. We go through life with only our viewpoint but we gather insights from those we encounter. Same with characters in a story. It's easy to relate to that point of view. The antagonist's view is different because you get a different perspective of the story. This view may truly suit certain stories and should never be overlooked. Third person point of view has always been the most difficult for me to master. There's so much attention to detail in the multiple points of view. The wonderful thing about books is the differences in how the stories are told. No matter the view, let's enjoy them for what they are. Works of art. Grab a book and as always, Happy Reading!

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