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Hey BookFans!

How has your autumn been so far? I truly hope it has been kind and that you are taking care of yourselves as the weather changes. As temperatures drop and keeps us indoors, I hope you take advantage and curl up with a good movie or tv show adaptation of your favorite book. Speaking of which, that was our Monday question in our Instagram Story this week. Many of you shared your favorites and here are just a few. Writer Alexa Teide enjoys the movie Memoirs of a Geisha while book enthusiasts Jackie and Sophia loved the film version of The Hunger Games. In addition, blogger Chandra Blumberg enjoyed the Lord of the Rings adaptations. Certainly there are more out there as I personally enjoyed the movie Everything Everything and the Jurassic Park series. Although the films may not include every single aspect of the books, the books are always there for your reading pleasure so take advantage. Better yet, drop a comment and tell us your favorite movie/tv show adaptation of a great book. We are always anxious for recommendations. Thanks again everyone for participating and remember to always be a fan like a real BookFan!

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