Book Giveaways

Have you ever entered a book giveaway? I certainly have. Who doesn't want free stuff? I actually won the book I wanted most. Excitement doesn't even begin to express the words 'You won!' made me feel. What about you? Have you entered a book giveaway? Have you won a giveaway? Instagrammer and book reviewer @kymsopenbooks says that she's won a few that included book sleeves and books. Author and teacher CL Walters won a Brit Laux book entitled All Things New through a giveaway. Author of Blood of the True Believer Brandann Hill-Mann says she won a ProWriting Aid subscription and she loves it! I'm certain more of you have entered book and writing giveaways for all sorts of reasons. Whatever the reason, we all hope to win the prize in the end. So do yourself a favor, if you ever come across a book giveaway and it costs you next to nothing to enter, don't hold back. You just might win and find your next favorite author (or writing subscription). Share your thoughts on giveaways or the prizes you've won for entering. Until next time, Happy Giveaway Entering!

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