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Hey y'all! So glad that you stopped in because our subject today is a fun one. Since we're dealing with the letter B, I thought it would be cool to finally understand what exactly a #bookstagram is and how it can help authors. This topic is interesting to address because many of you were like me and had absolutely no idea what a #bookstagram was. So, let's settle that part first. According to Huffpost, a #bookstagram denotes book related pictures. It can be an image of someone reading a book, the book itself or objects that that evoke something from the book. These are just a few examples. As writers, we've all seen these posts on social media. Different pics of books decorated with flowers or candles or next to a hot beverage. Or we've seen the pic of the reader relaxing on a beautiful beach or in a cozy coffee shop reading a book. We may have posted our own or reposted someone else's because it was a great pic. The point is that people love books and love pictures of books even more. That said, can this #bookstagram business help us as authors? I would say that it can. An eye-catching photo of your book or ebook can definitely stir up interest among readers. We are in the business of selling books as authors and a fantastic picture of our work is an advertisement of what we've done. So, #bookstagram can be a good thing. Do we have to participate personally? Not necessarily. If your book happens to fall in the right hands (or it's strategically placed there), it could become a part of a fabulous #bookstagram picture. So, this past week I asked you, on Instagram, who are some of the #bookstagrammers that you follow and here are the results. @puzzlewriter responded with @vintage_covers because of their very specific tone *cough*. @netts_shorts mentioned @beverlyaowens as one of their favorites. You may want to check out @bookbookowl @welovebigbooksandwecannotlie @nayareadsandsmiles or @ejmellow if you fancy a look. In the end, #bookstagram is another fantastic way to find books and authors that you may not have been aware of. It's a way of getting people interested in reading and it's a great way for people to see your work in the best light possible. Literally. That's all for today. Tune into my Instagram story on Monday for our next blog question. Until then, enjoy your week. Bye y'all!

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