Hey BookFans! It's been a long, hot, and humid week here in Chicago but I'm keeping my cool because this week is an exciting week for me. Baseball is back! I am overjoyed that my favorite summer pastime, aside from reading of course, is back from its necessary hiatus. I do hope that the players and staff are able to stay safe as the pandemic continues but it is so nice to enjoy a summer favorite. Well, enough about that. Our Monday Instagram Story question for the week is how do you choose the books that you read? Personally, I look for recommendations as well as read book blurbs and book reviews to make a decision regarding books I'm unfamiliar with but willing to read. The really awesome thing is I am not alone in how I choose my books. Turns out, you all have different combinations of this-and-that to select your reads. Reading Advocate Jessica of Instagram page @bohobookish says that she does a mix of new releases and what's currently on her shelves to figure out her next read. Author of Crown of Conspiracy Kara S. Weaver admits that she chooses based on recommendations, her current mood, and a book's popularity. Instagrammer @viretcodan uses a blend of book cover art, recommendations, and intuition to make book selections. Fantasy Author Kaitlyn B. Legaspi also uses back cover summaries to help with her book selections but tends to shy away from what may be popular and trending. The wonderful part is that we all have a love of books and we choose according to our liking. What I can't stress enough is how important reviews are to those who may be on the fence about a read. If you read a book, leave a review. It's a wonderful tool for those looking for their next favorite book. Your words just might be what sways a person to look into a new read. Books are a wonderful escape and hold information that we may not otherwise learn so be willing to give a new book a try. Thanks for checking in this week and don't forget to check in on Instagram for our Monday Story question. Until then, remember to always be a fan like a real BookFan!

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