Being An Author

I hope everyone is in good health and enjoying your Friday. YAY! I just want to mention, that as a first time author I am learning a lot about the writing community and how supportive it is. I really want to be there to support all of you in your writing endeavors because it can be lonely traveling this road as a new person in the independent industry. I wouldn't mind the traditional and I would never knock anyone that has gone that route, but I really am excited that my book is available to those who are looking for books with a protagonist of color. Maybe someone at a publishing house will see it and want to sponsor it and maybe not, but I put in the work (and the money) and made this work available. I'm proud of my accomplishment and proud to truly call myself a writer. What about you? Has your writing journey been fulfilling or frustrating? Let me know. Talk to y'all soon.

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