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Welcome to another Wednesday and our Alphabet blog. Today, our letter is 'D' and our topic is book cover design. There is so much thought and effort that goes into this particular topic because a distinct book design will get your novel noticed, even before a page is read. The design of a book cover has to be smart, relevant, and appealing. We may have an idea about how we want to design our cover initially but that may change as you work through it. During our Insta story question on Monday, you all made it clear that you would much rather design your own book covers. Author Cachline Etienne admitted that her book covers are her personal designs and if you all have seen any of her books, the covers are stellar. But for those that choose to let someone else design your cover, be sure to let the beauty of your words shine through. The story inside is all you so your book cover design should reflect you too. Make it genuine and outstanding. Make it atypical. Make it yours. That's all for this week. Check in on our Instagram story on Monday for our question of the day. Until then, bye y'all!

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