Do You Review Reviews?

Hi all! Sorry this is so late but it's been a crazy day. I also didn't realize that I had skipped the letter 'R' last week so here it is. Our question this week for our Monday Instagram story was if you read reviews to get a feel for an unfamiliar book before you decide to read it. Here are some of your answers. Author Barbara Strickland said she does 'quite often because these days, things can surprise you. I like to know a little'. Instagram expert @thelittykittywrites said 'not typically because I don't want to have preconceived thoughts'. What about you? Do you read reviews to get a better idea of what a book is about before you read it? I must confess that I do. I want an idea about what I'm getting into. I do my best not to let opinions sway my thoughts on the story itself but I use reviews as a gauge. I try not to make any judgement calls before I read it. Let me know in the comments if you do the same. Also, tell me the last book you read on a review recommendation and if you enjoyed it. Until next time, Happy Reading!

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