I have got it! I have got it! I finally figured out how to get this blog up and running and I'm SO excited about it. You should be too because your input is what will set this thing off right. It's already crazy trying to write an entertaining and stimulating novel, but throw in a blog and my head almost exploded. I tried to get ideas from the blogs of others but the problem was that the blog belonged to them. It was personal to them and the last thing that I want to do is imitate what I see. I want to stand on my own two. I want you to enjoy a genuine blog from a sincere author. So are you ready? I sure hope so. Our goal for this blog is to post every Wednesday and our topics will start with a letter of the alphabet. So, take a wild guess as to what letter we will start with next week. I'm pretty certain that you've figured it out by now but be sure to tune in. Oh, and check my Instagram story on Monday so that you can give me feedback on our blog. My Instagram handle is @mjvaughn1 in case you didn't know. Thanks for hanging and see you on Monday. Bye y'all!

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