Financial Whoa!

Hi all! So today's blog is about Finances. That is our word that goes along with our letter 'F' for our Alphabet blog. Question. Did you expect to spend a lot of money on your book writing endeavor? I certainly didn't but that was me being naive. After my manuscript was completed, I wanted to do things professionally so I hired an editor. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely happy that I did and the end result was worth it but, I was not expecting to spend that kind of money. My book is certainly better for it but I should have done A LOT more research (and saving) beforehand. Not to mention paying for copyrights and ISBN numbers for the book to be sold in major stores. And did I mention the bookcover or formatting? No? Then I won't. Moving right along, marketing my book has also taught me that being an entrepreneur can be costly. I do understand that you will get out what you put into your business but, it is difficult figuring out what is a necessary tool over what is inexpensive and quick. I want my marketing to be effective and impactful. Fortunately, this money can be stretched over time instead of all at once so, that's a good thing. Still, the money for this venture has to come from somewhere and initially, it ain't coming from book sales. But, I know that if I hustle long enough and hard enough, my work will pay off. Yours will, too, so keep at it and don't get discouraged. It's a long road but be willing to travel it. We're all right there with you. Keep your head up and get to work. Write your book and happy reading, y'all!

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