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Hey BookFans! Another week, another blogpost about our favorite subject... books! I hope you all have been taking care of yourselves and those that you love considering the pandemic is continuing at a steady pace. It's been a scary and downright exhausting year so far. Be sure to make self care a priority as well as caring for your family, friends, and neighbors by being considerate and compassionate. Showing and being kind to ourselves and others goes a long way. Welp, we have our Monday Instagram story question to answer so here goes. The question was, if you have tried reading a different genre as opposed to your usual preference, what the new genre is, and why you chose it. Author Kaitlyn B. Legaspi said she began reading romance novels to learn more about the genre so that she can learn to write it. Dance of Despair author Kara S. Weaver started reading romance because a friend recommended the genre. Librarian and avid reader Natasja Eby commented that she tries to read a little of everything with the aim to be better at her job. These are all great reasons to broaden our reading horizons. I'm trying to include more contemporary stories into my usual reading of fantasy and sci-fi novels and I've been enjoying them so far. So what about you? What new-to-you genre are you willing to include in your reading repertoire? Let us know in the comments. I'm excited to know what you're thinking. So, until we come together again and my Chicago White Sox decide to win a baseball game for me, always be a fan like a real BookFan!

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