Give Me A Boost

Hi all! I hope this month has been good to you. January went by much faster than I anticipated but I'd say that's a good thing, especially since January through March usually provides the super cold weather here in Chicago. One month mostly down, two to go. It's a small win but I'll take it. Speaking of small wins, what have you all been doing to keep your spirits up this winter season? Well, some of you on the other side of the globe are experiencing the summer season and I am so jealous. I'm sure we all have our happy places despite the weather so tell me what helps you through the tough days. For me, I tend to watch shows or movies that highlight the Hawaiian islands. They are so beautiful that just the thought of being there gets me into a relaxed mood. Author Michelle Wright says that focusing on family and goals gets her through tough days. Writer Alexa Teide responds that walking and setting limits on watching TV helps her. Listening to great music is what gets Writer Chandra Blumberg going on dreary days. All of these are great ways to defeat those down days so please do whatever works for you or try something fresh and new. Reading is always a fabulous go-to but it's alright to do something different. Whatever you choose to do to help with the rough days, just remember to always be a fan like a real BookFan!

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