Good Enough

Hey everyone! Welcome to the next letter in our blog, the letter 'G'. The very first word that popped into my mind was the word 'good'. As writers and authors, we want our work to be good. We want it to be appreciated by others. We want to present our best work. Is it always that easy? Yes and no. You see, our experiences shape our writing. We could all find ourselves in a similar situation but pull very different things from the shared event. The experience will be very unique to us. Sometimes, doubt and fear can prevent us from sharing our side of the story, keeping us from revealing our truth. Apprehension bottling a good story inside of us. Our writing is much the same. The story is unique to us and no one else can tell the story your way so your perspective is already exclusive. This will automatically make your writing good, but only if you are willing to share your story despite anxiety. Make others relate to your version of the story. Draw them in. Get the audience on your page. Find your voice because it is what will make your story come alive. This is where difficulty lies because expressing our interpretation of things is not always easy. Fortunately, with effort and elbow grease, we can put forth a story that has the beginnings of 'good' but can end up being great. So push fear aside and write like you have something to say because you do and I'm willing to bet that in the end, it will always be good enough for you. Happy Reading, y'all!

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