Welcome one and all to my official blog. I'm really excited to hang with you and get my feet wet in this endeavor. The goal is to have some fun and learn a thing or two along the way. I really hope that you stick with me but more importantly, I hope that you have a good time reading and enjoying whatever books you choose to spend time with, even if it is your own.

So, I guess I can share a little about myself. I am the middle child of three daughters and our parents are still going strong after over 40 years of marriage. I am married to an extremely thoughtful, sweet, and loving man that loves me unconditionally (well, he better anyway jk). We have a hilariously funny and affectionate teenage son and and a loving preteen daughter (well, they are for now). Rounding out our family is the 6-year-old Maltese/Pomeranian mix that we somehow inherited named Joey/Jojo/Joseph/Joe and Deathwish. So, that's me and I can't wait to get to know you. So enjoy your day and I know we'll talk soon. Bye y'all!

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