Habit or Hobby?

Hey everyone! We have come to another episode of our Alphabet blog. The letter 'H' is in our spotlight today. The question was asked and you responded. We wanted to know if your writing is a wonderful habit or a relaxing hobby. For the vast majority of you, writing is a passionate habit. Poet and Writer Esha Sharan and Author Kara S. Weaver agreed that writing is a must do. Writing is more than adding words to a page. It is expression and feeling and dynamic storytelling. Even if it is only a hobby, like it is for Young Adult Author Margaret Beeler who is insanely busy, it is something that you cannot ignore. Writing feeds our creativity because once we have an outlet, it's impossible to stop the imagination. To be productive with our writing drives us to do it, to hone our craft, to continue to improve, to simply write. So, no matter your reason to write, just write. Never stop. NEVER. STOP. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say. Make it happen, for them and for you. That's it for today. Until next time, Happy Writing, y'all!

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