I Read Because...

Hi all! We have a great question this week. Why do you read? Great question, right? It really made me think. Why do I read? Well, we posed the question and you answered. Writer Gill McInerney said that she reads to relax. Book blogger Warisha says that she reads to make herself a better person. Both are great reasons to read. Author Margaret Beeler says she reads to be entertained. Quite a few of you readers agreed that reading is a wonderful escape from the everyday. I totally agree. But the one reason that we received the most as to why you read? A great majority of you read because of all the reasons stated above. You read because you want to escape, be entertained, to relax, and be better people. The beauty of books is the diversity that we can find in them and that's what we love about reading. Do you agree? Share your reason for reading. I'd love to know. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Until next time, Happy Reading!

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