Labor of Love

Hi all! So glad that you could stop by this week for our Alphabet blog's letter of the day. Today, our letter is 'L' and we've asked all of you out there in Instagram Land why writing or reading is a labor of love for you. This is an interesting question because it gets to the heart of why we need to read that book or write that poem. For avid reader and blogger Abby (Instagram handle abby_likes_to_read), she enjoys learning about other POVs, especially in fiction. Instagrammer Viretcodan says, 'Writing drives me, it's something I've always done since I could write.' The importance of reading and writing becomes a part of us. It is our motivation, our driving force. It is what we do simply because we can't NOT. Having a passion for reading and writing begins when we are small and holds us close as we grow older, even when we don't realize that the need to do it is there, hidden beneath the surface. Eventually, we do find our calling because without it, it's like trying to breathe deeply while underwater. Okay, it may not be life or death but for those who have ignored the call for years may challenge that notion. As always, never give up on your reading or writing dreams. They may be closer than you think. That's it for today. Come back next time and don't forget to answer the question of the day on my Instagram stories at mjvaughn1_author on Mondays. See you next time and Happy Reading and Writing!

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