Marketing Mayhem

Hi all and welcome to another installment of the Alphabet blog. Today, our letter is 'M' and we're

discussing marketing. Book marketing can be a tricky thing because different things about a book advertisement stand out for different people. Some people are immediately drawn to the beautiful cover of a book and so the cover is the highlight of its marketing. Others are only won over after reading the blurb. Still others, like mommy blogger Chandra Blumberg, is taken by the book's title and tagline. All of these are different ways of marketing a book and selling to you, the reader. Obviously, there is no wrong way to market a book because there are so many different people to market to. What counts most is that we, as the consumer, find what we like. So watch book trailers, go on Instagram or Facebook, walk around the library or a bookstore and see what appeals to you. Just remember that the market is full of great books written just for you so don't hesitate to read the ones that you want to read. Even the ones hidden in the way back may be exactly the marketing trick that you're looking for. That's it for this week. Stop in on our Monday Instagram story question and you may see your answer right here. Until next time, Happy Reading!

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