Name That Novel

Hi everyone! Today is another day of our Alphabet blog. Our letter of the day is 'N'. Our topic question asked the name of your favorite novel and whether you thought the title was fitting. A novel title can be so difficult to decipher at times but a great title will match the story and the reader will easily see how it fits. Instagrammer Author_belz.alark10 said that her own novel title, Ben Alark and the Mystic Door is completely fitting to the story. Inspiration stemmed from the way animals see their beloved humans leave through the door and do not return for some time, hence, the mystery. I agree that this title is well thought out. Some novel names are simple, some vague, others are creative and even more are mysterious. Whatever the case, enjoy your novels and their suitable titles! Read what you want and enjoy the titles that call to you. Whatever the enjoyable book of the day, Happy Reading!

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