Never Too Much

Hi all! It is the first day of a new month and so I hope everyone has gotten over the initial shock of having to stay indoors as a change of seasons takes place outdoors. Spring is slowly rearing its head around these parts and it's nice to see plants begin to sprout tiny buds. Either the shining sun or cool spring rain has a lot of us venturing to our backyard decks or our cozy corner chair by the window to enjoy some reading time. This thought prompted my Instagram story question for the week. Of the standalone stories that you've read, if you had the power, which one would you like to see a sequel too? I enjoyed Nicola Yoon's Everything Everything so much that I would really like to see what happens next. That most likely won't happen but a girl can dream. Writer Margaret Beeler enjoyed The Girls and wishes there were more to its story. So what about you? What standalone book would you love to see a sequel to? Feel free to leave your comments. Until next time, Happy Reading!

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