Opinions Are Like Noses

Hi all! We have a new letter for our Alphabet blog. Our letter is 'O' and oh, do we have a good topic today. Opinions. Everybody has one, especially those of us that are avid readers. The question is how much does the opinion of the majority affect your opinion of a book. Now, we all check reviews on a book at one point or another because we do want to see if a book is worth our time but how much do we let those reviews tell us what to do? Funny mom Chandra Blumberg says 'not so much!' The best part about reviews is that they give you some insight into the books that might interest you but the opinion you can take or leave. Instagrammer @viretcodan says, 'I'll read something publicly unpopular.' Is that something that you do? We all want to enjoy the books that we choose but do we let popularity dictate what we enjoy? Is it so important to allow popular decisions become our own? The answer to those questions can only come from you but be sure to ask yourself this, who's reading adventure am I on? The answer might surprise you. Until next time, Happy Reading y'all!

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