Quitters Never Win (most days)

Hi everyone! Our Alphabet blog is back this week with a most interesting topic. Our letter is 'Q' and our discussion centers around quitting. When and why would you quit reading a book? You had quite a bit to say on this topic so I will let the people speak. Author and artist L. Steinworth reports that if the book has no plot, she will quit reading it. Fellow author Alexander Marcus mentions that the early chapters are crucial to the decision to continue reading a book. Instagrammer and Wattpad author @writerbyn_gold agrees that the first chapter dictates her dedication to the book. Author La Tay la Minette wraps it up by letting us know that she will quit a book if 'it's boring, has a crap storyline, or riddled with errors'. These answers are a testament to the appreciation that readers have for authors that go above and beyond to put their best work forward. No one wants to quit reading a book, but it can happen. If it has happened to you, you are not alone. Remember that the right book is out there waiting for you to find it so never stop reading, unless it's all the things we mentioned before. Then, you gotta do what you gotta do. Until next time, let's keep the great books rolling. Happy Reading!

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