So Inspired

Hey everyone! Very excited about today's Alphabet blog because the letter for the day is 'I'. So, that means our topic for today is INSPIRATION! Yay! As writers, we need to call on something to help us with the quintessential emotional tie to our written work. So what inspires you as writers? Author C.R. Alam says her inspiration are 'people in general; what makes them the way they are' helps her to write the wonderful characters that are in her fantastic books. Refractors Volume I: Evoke Author Brandon Epps said 'I listen to a lot of interesting music and it inspires scenes in my books'. After reading his work, I can see how that applies. Poet and Fiction writer Esha Sharan says that 'there is not a single thing left that can stop me from catching the hidden inspiration'. These expressions simply show that we all have something that inspires what we feel and how we write. I, personally, love to people watch and see how others interact. There's always a story to be found. Music, nature, emotions, all sorts of things can inspire what we write about. So get out there and find your muse. It may be closer than you think. That's all for today. I can't wait to hear from all of you for next week's blog. Thank you all kindly for your wonderful insights and see you next time. Happy Reading!

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