Hi BookFans! I hope your day is going well. If not, I feel ya. Sunday was not a good day for me and it's taken until today for me to feel more like myself. I hope it lasts but with the pandemic on going, my usual get-togethers with friends to vent have been much fewer and far between. Oh well. I am certain that this is true of all of you as well. We'll make it through this. So back to books and our Monday Instagram Story question. This week is about books that just weren't your cup of tea and if you rate and review them anyway. Half of you said you would find something meaningful to say about it and still leave a review. The rest of you haven't come across the situation to make a decision. I asked this question because I came across a book that I was super excited to read and while reading, I became thoroughly disappointed in the story, the plot, and the characters but mostly I was disappointed in the writing. I know how important reviews are for an author so I try my best to always leave one after reading. Unfortunately, I struggled with this one because it was not a good story. So what do you think? Would you still write a review for a book that was lacking, in your opinion? Let me know what you're thinking. Just remember, despite the one or two books that leave you speechless, there are still all of the wonderful ones that leave you breathless. Read more of those books and always be a fan like a real BookFan!

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