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Hey everyone! Thanks for joining me today. I'm excited about our topic because it's an important one. So, our subject is Authors, which starts with the letter A and will begin our Alphabet Blog. One thing that I have noticed about authors is their willingness to support other authors. This epitomizes the self sacrificing spirit of those in a mostly solitary profession. As authors, we almost live in our own heads as we write. It's a necessary evil at times but the beautiful thing is that authors are determined to share pieces of themselves. Of course, we do it when we write our novels or poems and let others read and enjoy them but also when we assist fellow authors, share ideas and our knowledge of specific subjects. We rely on one another as colleagues and friends. We support one another in our successes and our failures. As authors, we eventually realize that we can't do it alone and that we do need one another. This can be a fickle industry. We need to be cheerleaders for one another. There is plenty of room for all talented authors determined to make this a permanent career. So, get onboard and mentor one another, root for one another, drive one another to be the best that they can be. Be willing to learn, be willing to take criticism, but thoroughly enjoy the journey because it's a wonderful ride. That said, let's get familiar with some of our fellow authors that boast a letter A in their name. I was already familiar with the incomparable Maya Angelou and Mr. Fairytale Hans Christian Anderson but I had forgotten about Margaret Atwood and Jane Austen. Don't ask me how. I also reached out to you on Instagram for your favorite letter A authors. Laurie Halse Anderson was one such recommendation by author CL Walters. Another emerging talent is author C.R. Alam and her novel, Echoing Hearts. So, be on the lookout for these extraordinary authors and their works because there is nothing like an endless to-be-read pile. Thanks for stopping in and let's chat again next week. Bye y'all!

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