What a Character!

Hi everyone! Today we're taking our Alphabet blog onward to the letter 'C'. You chose Characters as our topic. Most of you admitted that when you write a story, your characters are the most important to develop first. I, personally, find it easier to get into my characters by letting them tell the story. My initial action of figuring out how my story unfolds is by writing a short summary of the main plot points in my character's voice. If I have multiple main characters, they each tell their side of the story. This way, I get a feel for what my characters are like and how the story will develop for them personally. I'm sure that all of you have different ways of getting your characters to open up to you and ensuring that they are relatable to your audience. Please feel free to share how you and your characters vibe in the comments. I'd love to see your process. Well, that's all for today. Be sure to check my Instagram story @mjvaughn1_author on Monday for our blog survey for the week. Thanks for tuning in. Bye y'all!

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