You Hold the Key

Hello everyone! Welcome to another day of our Alphabet blog. To kick things off, I'm going to apologize for not knowing the alphabet. I skipped ahead and missed the letter 'J' entirely so, I will backtrack next week and make sure that it receives its due. Moving along, our letter for today is 'K' and we are discussing the key to a great story. Because everyone enjoys a story for different reasons, we asked you for your opinion. Writers S. Holloway and CL Walters agree that the characters are a crucial piece to a great story. The characters must be interesting, believable, and have layers to them, wouldn't you agree? Instagram writer that goes by the handle simple_man_thoughts said that a great story must be relatable. Other keys mentioned was that a story needed to have a little romance or a great villain to keep interest from waning. These are all fantastic keys and, certainly, we can agree with one or most of the comments mentioned. This helped me to see that, as readers, we all search for different things when reading a story and will see a story from completely different perspectives. We all can enjoy the same book but we enjoy it for different reasons. That said, all you readers, get out there and find that great story that speaks to your heart. Tell others about it. Write a review. Let the author know that they have found the key to a great story. I bet they would feel obliged to do it again. That's all for today. Come back next week to see where our discussion takes us. Oh and don't forget to check My Story on Instagram for the Monday story question. Thanks for your participation and Happy Reading!

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