Amazon Review

"MJ Vaughn is a new independent author developing her author’s voice. Coriander’s Light is her first published work and I found it to be refreshing.

While the set up to the story took some time (this is the first act of a series and could have used some tightening), it became an action packed adventure that crossed into a new, alien world. Coriander, though despite the fantastic adventure, is still just a teen with hidden spunk who is trying to find herself. It just takes an out-of-this-world journey to begin to do so. Along the way there are romantic crushes, battles with giant alien bugs, and a mystery to solve. The book sets up the next in the series and we are left hanging to await the next book to discover where the journey will take Coriander to answer questions that have plagued her throughout her young life.

Coriander’s Light was unique and interesting and Vaughn wrote wonderful, action-packed scenes to keep the tension pushing me through the book. Nicely done."

Goodreads Review

"This book takes you on a non-stop adventure and is a captivating blend of YA fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal romance. Coriander is someone you’d want on your side for sure; she’s funny, courageous and loyal. The author does an excellent job of drawing you into another world. The conflict is engaging and the battles are vivid and magical. There are many heartwarming moments, and the gorgeous Vesiel provides the perfect love interest. This is a well written debut novel; the ending left me eager for more and I look forward to the next book."

Apple Review

"This book was such a pleasant surprise! Great easy read. Many kuddos to the author for writing a fine book everyone can enjoy."